Daily Prompt: Fact – Stopped by the fire-brigade

via Daily Prompt: Fact

Driving to the venue

The smell hit my nostrils from afar. As it was night-time I couldn’t practically tell from what side of the night the wind was blowing it from and whether it was a private barbeque (BBQ) or a restaurant in the vicinity.

There was no music to show whether there was a fest in the vicinity nonetheless I had to cure my curiosity.

I found myself in front of a modern building on a dirt dark road as there are no street lights. In I went and the place had this aura and ambiance that made me wonder how long it has been around.

The music was on but low. The meat was sizzling and now I could hear the sizzle.

The fact was this, I was in the mood to let loose and dance. Before I could get my groove on the dance-floor the sirens sounded. An ambulance had come over to the venue together with the fire-brigade. We had to be told to leave the premises.

The fact being that there were too many people at the venue and so ended my night without dancing at all.

In all this, the reality was that I had a date. A blind date. We had been communicating via WhatsApp and Face Time. While at the venue waiting for her and deciding on whether I should hit the dance floor, the authorities, ask us to leave the premises.

I never ever got to dance with my blind date.

Fact is the date was stopped by the fire-brigade.




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