Daily Prompt: Test

via Daily Prompt: Test

The test in my resolve came right after she stopped communicating to me.

I was reminded of the article I read that goes something like this:

‘God by taking me through all this I know there’s something you are trying to teach me and I’m willing to learn.’

I am going through this test of silence treatment and I don’t know how to handle it

She’s my love

She’s my future & present

She’s gonna be my wife

She’s gonna be the mother of my Bambinos

I professed to her that I luv her

I professed to her that I will marry her

I am not too sure how much all this has led to her silence & quagmire

Life is amazing that way


source: https://twitter.com/hashtag/mysistarskeeper


In the beginning was the obstacle, then the challenge and voila the solution

I am an African male, that has lived on three continents, a resident of the United Kingdom and a native from Uganda. I am an Alumna of Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii – USA and hold a Masters degree in Business Administration(MBA) concentration in Finance.

The reason I thought about writing this blog happens to be that doing my research to return home to Uganda, there wasn’t enough information in the cyberspace to help me prepare myself to the mine field I faced.

I found this improbable so decided to write a journal about various topics I witness and face because as a global nomad I realize my perception which is my reality is totally out of sync with those of my sisters and brothers from the motherland Uganda.

Enjoy the maze that I find myself in as I go around moving from one obstacle to a challenge and getting that aha moment with a solution.

Karibu (Welcome on board). Fasten your seat belts and join me on this journey.


The Global Nomad

My topic of reference being a returnee back to the motherland, the pitfalls, the insights of what one should do before returning and as we all know if you do not plan then it means you plan to fail. Right. Too many managerial clichés right. But in all honesty what does it mean and involve when going back home. I had this pastry of photos in my mind, I had this kaleidoscope of how I was going to sell the idea of returnees coming back to the motherland but most especially the benefits right. The sale pitch was basically to other returnees and prospective returnees after all Africa is rising isn’t it, as you know abroad we are never expats but rather immigrants. Then it occurred to me how good is an idea in your head if it is not out there right.

The term global nomad has been coined, in my case, for Africans that live outside of Africa experts in all kinds of fields, are not immigrants, however,people who move from country to country to work because of their expertise, as well as those born to parents that work overseas. Their geographical location does not limit them to work in just one country. Once a contract is done, they up and leave and move to the next country for another assignment.

The term was phrased by Norma McCaig in 1984 The standard definition is ‘a person of any age or nationality who has lived a significant part of his or her developmental years in one or more countries outside his or her passport country because of a parent’s occupation.’ The term is generally used interchangeably with that of TCK (Third Culture Kid).

source: http://figt.org/global_nomads

I am an African in general a Ugandan in particular, lived on three continents. My names are Colin Kabiswa and I go by the alias of Jaduu.

Ready for take off. Fasten your seat belts. This blog is a journey of sorts to highlight these five topics  that I encountered on my return journey home namely:

  1. Mindset
  2. Love
  3. Dating – Women
  4. Money
  5. Home