Only in America

A historic win and it will be the first time ever that a white billionaire will move into a public housing vacated by an African-American family!

Only in America!!!

I posted the above statement on my Facebook wall.

My cohorts and peers from Hawaii got it immediately as something funny. I lived in Hawaii for 7 years so to some extent I do get their sense of humour.

The mainlanders (the US of A is called mainland in Hawaii). Some took offence to the statement.

The election of Mr Donald J Trump has sent tremors in many parts of the world including the US of A.

The perception he created during the campaign too many of us is real.

The ideal of building that wall to keep the Mexicans out of America is real.

The ideal of chasing away all non-documented immigrants is real.

The question I have, is can the Native Americans, decide that all immigrants should leave the United States of America.

Yes, I am not an American citizen and why should I care.

The Americans have chosen a leader that will impact me as a world citizen whether they like it or not.

America, the country is important to the rest of the world

America, the idea, freedom, human rights, economy (when America sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold) is important to the rest of the world.

Therefore, the election of President Elect Trump does affect me as well.

The bullhorn America uses in the world to get things done does impact many a country.

From the charity causes, to the human right causes, to the economy(neo-liberalism),, to the wars of justice, the election results leave many of us wondering whether this is a new era of political incorrectness that is here to stay.

All countries in the world have enormous issues, however, the place that the US of A holds, in the world as the only super power warrants that what happens in America does affect the rest of the world. Hence the adage when America sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold.

Let us hope that the perception that Mr Trump’s campaign has caused will be eased by the reality of governing the country and by default the world.

To the new administration wishing you all the best in healing the polarized world that is watching your every step.

God Bless


The USA flag and the State of Hawaii flag


Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a crater like formation in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. According to Wikipedia it is a volcanic tuff cone.,_Hawaii

To me it resembled and felt like a crater.  I had never visited the place the entire time I lived on Oahu which ended up being 7 years. When I went for a visit the hike up Diamond Head became my only form of work out. The natural air, the wind in my hair and face, the bus ride to Kapiolani Community College, then the walk up to Diamond Head proper before one started to hike up the crater.


I hiked up that crater three times a week. It was good for my heart rate.



Good for my sweat glands. Good for my walking step counts. Good for the beauty once you got to the head of Diamond Head. The view picturesque as you saw the entire Honolulu down-town, parts of Waikiki and the surf.

The hike is unique because it has dark tunnels, open trails, hikes up many stairs right before you get to the summit to see the breath-taking view of Honolulu City. If you ever do visit Honolulu or Waikiki I do suggest a hike up the Diamond Head trail.

It is good for the heart, soul, beauty and it is therapeutic. This is because of the picturesque views as well as being on top of one of the youngest volcanic set of Hawaii Islands.






In the beginning was the obstacle, then the challenge and voila the solution

I am an African male, that has lived on three continents, a resident of the United Kingdom and a native from Uganda. I am an Alumna of Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii – USA and hold a Masters degree in Business Administration(MBA) concentration in Finance.

The reason I thought about writing this blog happens to be that doing my research to return home to Uganda, there wasn’t enough information in the cyberspace to help me prepare myself to the mine field I faced.

I found this improbable so decided to write a journal about various topics I witness and face because as a global nomad I realize my perception which is my reality is totally out of sync with those of my sisters and brothers from the motherland Uganda.

Enjoy the maze that I find myself in as I go around moving from one obstacle to a challenge and getting that aha moment with a solution.

Karibu (Welcome on board). Fasten your seat belts and join me on this journey.