Daily Prompt: Witty

via Daily Prompt: Witty

In Uganda, there has been an issue in parliament about our current President’s term limits and to remove the #AgeLimit from the constitution.

A fracas took place in the parliament as the opposition sang the national anthem to drown out the speaker of parliament. This is what happened on the first day then the session was postponed till the following day.

The second day this is when the State decided to use be-suited clad security operatives to storm the parliament. The aim was to arrest the opposition MP’s(members of parliament) who are against the #AgeLimit. It was easy to spot them because they adorned red scarfs on their heads as well as red hats to the amusement of the Ugandan citizenry. They did get names like Ninja Turtles, Bruce Lee etc.

Bobi Wine in the ring

What really caught our imagination as the citizenry of Uganda is the witt that Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah used to explain the fracas in parliament. He particularly started the clip when one of the security operatives jumped onto the table made a left Kung Fu kick that hit a chair and the person on it flew off onto the green long seats of parliament. Then this operative pirouettes, makes a spin like Michael Jackson’s, stops then he jumped off the stable onto the green seat to go after the MP that he had kicked off the chair on the table.


This alone made what we, citizenry, had seen as a shameful parliament session turn into comedy and laughter all made easier by Trevor Noah’s witty remarks.

Trevor Noah
Ugandan Parliament on Comedy Central

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